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Surname Record Search

Here you will have the opportunity to locate birth, marriage, and death records of your ancestors who resided in Muro Lucano. Please note these are only indexes of events which occurred in Muro Lucano. If your ancestor arrived from, or moved to, another town, some of their records may not be in this database. Click here for a listing of other towns for which indexes have been transcribed.

In 2013, Family released over 500,000 images of civil records previously only available in Italy. Included in those images are Muro Lucano civil records for the years 1861 through 1929. Click here and you will have access to over 100 files and several thousand images of Muro Lucano data. We do not anticipate transcribing all of those records in this database.

This database includes records from various sources. Please click frequently asked questions for an explanation of these sources.

Click on the link below to bring up a search form for each of the birth, marriage or death index databases. The search forms also have a link to frequently asked questions regarding the databases and how to use them. The databases are large, so it may take several seconds for results to appear.

The unified search form allows you to search portions of all three databases to facilitate identifying multiple records for an individual. More specifics on the function of the unified database are discussed in frequently asked questions.

Muro Lucano Unified Search Form

The LDS indexes cover the years 1810 through 1860. Please note: the index for the 1814 deaths for the period May 2 through December 31, 1814 was not available and therefore those records are not listed in the database. In addition, birth records 241 through 262 for the year 1855 are also not included.

These databases will be updated periodically to reflect corrections, or additions, of records from other sources. If you do not find the record you are looking for. please check back on a periodic basis. If you find an error, please click on "contact us" at the top of a search form and provide us the relevant details.

Databases last updated: January 9, 2021