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Muro Lucano has a population of 5.568 inhabitants (Muresi) according to the results of the national census made in 2011. It consists of 125.7 square kilometers, thus having a population density of 48.61 inhabitants per square kilometer. This includes 2.270 families with an average of 2.69 people per family. The town rises 600 meters above the sea level.

The territory of the municipality lies between 322 and 1.445 meters above sea level.

The City Hall is located in Via Roma 39, phone ++39 0976 75111, fax ++39 0976 75111; the E-Mail address is [email protected]. Phone Number: (+39) 0976-75111; Fax: (+39) 0976-71917.


Muro Lucano (ZIP code 85054) belongs to the province of Potenza , in the region of Basilicata ,in southern Italy. It is 51 kilometers from Potenza. It is bounded by the towns of Balvano, Bella, Castelgrande, Colliano (SA), Laviano (SA), Ricigliano (SA), San Fele, and San Gregorio Magno (SA).


The town was also the site of a battle between the forces of Hannibal and Marcellus during the second Punic wars.

In 1980 the town was severely damaged by an earthquake, and to this day there are still areas of the village which have not been rebuilt (deserted homes so damaged as to be uninhabitable).

In addition to the United States, many people from Muro Lucano and its environs have migrated to South America and Australia (in particular Mount Gambier, South Australia). Common surnames of the immigrants to Australia include Cerone, Bianchini, Zaccardo and Discianni.

Main Sights

  • The Cathedral, perched at the top of the hill in which it is situated. It also has a large statue of St Gerardo, the patron saint of the area, who was said to have performed miracles in Muro Lucano. The statue was donated by Giovanni Zeccola; born in Muro Lucano, but resided in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The Norman Castle, in which the Queen of Naples, Joanna of Naples, was killed at the end of the 14th century by order of her adoptive son, Carlo of Durazzo.

The main street in the village is called Via Roma, and has several bars, cafes and shops.

The valley next to Muro Lucano has a new bridge connecting it to the new part of the village. Beneath the bridge and significantly lower in the valley can be seen the old bridge which is extremely old and was recently excavated by a volunteer team of experts. It is small enough to allow a donkey and cart but not motorized vehicles.