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In Memoriam

Jerry Farenga died on March 20, 2017 at the age of 77. More than a just a genealogy buff, he was the kind of genealogist who had a knack for forging connections between researchers and then working with them to get the best results, often putting their research ahead of his own. Jerry was the driving force behind the existence of this web site that enumerates the inhabitants of his father's native town of Muro Lucano, as he wanted to create a place to share information that would benefit others. He is the reason why allows internet users free access to the earlier civil records of Basilicata, and other parts of Southern Italy. 

About a year before Jerry died, he submitted his DNA to and by the time of his death, he had accumulated an impressive 2250 matches from the database. His death is a crushing blow to the cause of Southern Italian genealogy, and to his many friends, inside and outside of genealogy.

- Jack Shreve and Roy Rendino


Welcome to the home page for Muro Lucano, Italy genealogical research! Here you will find many interesting facts about Muro Lucano, and links to other sites which may prove useful as you search for information. In addition, there is a searchable database of civil record indexes.

There is also a Forum section to share information with others who trace their roots to Muro Lucano.

If you have any additional information to contribute, please note it under guest comments. In addition, if you would like to be informed of surname database updates and significant site changes, or participate in the Forum topic discussions, please add your email address under guest sign-up.